Length of program: 8 weekly sessions, 4.30 – 5.30pm
Group size: 4 – 5 children

Conducted by our Speech-Language Therapist, children are explicitly taught in a series of fun steps to encourage attentive listening and to be able to manipulate sounds in words they hear. The main goal of the program is to improve the child’s Phonological Awareness skills.

What is Phonological Awareness?
Phonological Awareness is the general ability to attend to the sound properties of a spoken word, rather than attend to its meaning. This ability is a foundation for writing and reading. Children learn to recognize sounds in words and use this knowledge to build on their phonics skills – associating letters to sounds in words.

How Can Children Benefit From Our Program?
The Speech-Language Therapist assists the children through a different way of teaching. We provide a structured, systematic, and multi-sensory method, which includes hands-on activities, focus-on thinking skills, attention & listening skills.

We keep a small group size to ensure that your child receives the support & attention from the therapist. It also encourages children in developing their social skills and helps them communicate better.

Who Is This Program For?
> Children from ages 4-6 years old, and are generally be able to attend to activities for 10 minutes and follow basic instructions
> Children with difficulties in speech, language &/or learning
> Children with difficulties in picking up reading/ phonics in school


For registration or enquiries, please contact us at 6397 6627 or