When your child has sunburn, what should you do? 

Sunburn is caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Lighter-skinned races are affected more often and more intensely.

Symptoms include skin redness, warmth, pain and itching. In severe cases, the skin develops blisters and the person may even develop fever and headaches. Symptoms and signs of sunburn usually occur within a few hours of excessive exposure to ultraviolet exposure and the sunburnt skin usually starts to peel within a week of exposure.

When talking about the development of sunburn, prevention is key. This involves avoidance of excessive exposure to the sun (for example, outdoor sports) especially during the late morning to early afternoon, keeping your child well-hydrated and using appropriate protective outer garments and/or sunscreen lotion. Regularly re-apply sunscreen lotion every 1 to 2 hours especially when your child is in contact with water.

After sunburn has developed, the main treatment would be to keep the area of affected skin clean and well moisturised through the regular application of moisturisers.