child-sleeping-350pxThis field of specialty deals with the diseases of the respiratory system, namely breathing difficulties, chronic cough, asthma, and related respiratory problems and allergies.

Services at the Paediatric Asthma, Lung, Sleep & Allergy Clinic include:

* Allergy Testing

Allergic disorders are very common in children and can present as asthma, eczema, persistent running nose and blocked nose. Accurate diagnosis will help in delivering the most appropriate treatment and bring and bring early relief for your child.

SBCC offers skin prick allergy testing for babies and children against more than 60 allergens including inhaled allergens such as house dust mites and food allergens such as milk, egg and nut.


* Lung Function Testing

With SBCC state-of-the-art lung function test room is able to test toddlers and children with suspected airway diseases. Lung function tests can help in diagnosis, monitoring progress and monitoring response to treatment in children with asthma and other lung diseases.


* Sleep Studies

SBCC is the only private facility in Singapore that offers sleep studies for babies and children.

Sleep studies are indicated in children who habitually snore and in children who have sleep related problems. It is the gold standard for diagnosis of sleep apnea in children. Early and accurate diagnosis will allow proper indication for proposed treatment e.g. surgery, optimizes risk assessment for surgery and avoids the unnecessary complications of undiagnosed sleep apnea.


* Paediatric Bronchoscopy

Our centre is the only private facility in Singapore that offers flexible bronchoscopy services for babies and children.

This procedure allows direct visualization of the nose, throat and airways as well as washings of the lung to be obtained. It is useful for diagnosis of airway and some lung diseases as well as for therapeutic removal of excessive secretions of the lung.


Clinic Address:

SBCC Baby & Child Clinic (Asthma, Lung, Sleep & Allergy Centre)

6 Napier Road, #04-15
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499
Tel: 6475 0820
Fax: 6475 1903

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