Health Screening for Children

The Importance of Health Screening for Children

The early years of a child’s life are very important for his or her development and health. 

As early detection leads to more effective treatment, health screenings for children are crucial. Through checkups, potential health problems can be identified and managed before they become health problems that children carries into adulthood.

Why Choose SBCC Baby & Child Clinic

Established in 1980, SBCC Baby & Child Clinic is a paediatric group that provides quality and comprehensive medical services for children in Singapore. Our paediatricians have been trained in many sub-specialty areas in order to deliver better care. 

We make our health screenings more effective by tailoring them to meet the needs of your child. Our paediatricians will assess and make recommendations based on your child’s medical history, developmental history, and other factors.

Comprehensive Children's Health Screening Package Available at SBCC Baby & Child Clinics

Depending on your child’s age and health history, our paediatricians will make recommendations on childhood vaccinations, growth and developmental assessments and more. 

We offer a comprehensive health screening package called “Precious Gold” for babies, infants, toddlers, children and teenagers (between 0 years old to 16 years old).

SBCC Health Screening Package for Children ("Precious Gold")

A comprehensive health screening package for children between 0 years old to 16 years old
$ 350 price inclusive of GST (for first visit)
$ 200 price inclusive of GST (for subsequent visits)
  • The recommended screening frequency is once a year.

List of Screening Tests

The list of screening tests include developmental assessments, where our paediatricians will assess various aspects of your child’s functioning, including areas such as behaviour, cognition, motor and sensory abilities, communication, social interaction, and adaptive skills. Through these health screenings, our paediatricians will be able to track the developmental milestones of your child, and monitor his or her growth and development.

1) Comprehensive Medical History 

2) Developmental History

3) Comprehensive Physical Examination

4) Comprehensive Developmental Assessment

5) Medical Review and Counselling*

6) Influenza vaccine

*Upon medical review, relevant opt-in screening labs and other tests for at-risk patients may be advised

Our Paediatricians Are Here With You Every Step of the Way

1. Call to Book Appointment

To book an appointment for your child’s health screening, call your nearest SBCC Baby & Child clinic.

Please arrive at the clinic 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment, and bring along your child’s medical record or health booklet and immunisation record.

2. Health Screening at SBCC Baby & Child Clinic

Before seeing our paediatricians, you will be required to fill up a pre-screening questionnaire at the clinic. This information will be a helpful guide for our paediatricians to understand your child’s development and areas of focus during the clinic visit. 

During the health screenings, our paediatricians will conduct a comprehensive range of assessments such as physical examinations and developmental assessments to check if your child is growing well.

3. Medical Review and Recommendations

Upon completion of the health screenings, our paediatricians will provide recommendations based on the medical results and advise if a follow-up checkup is necessary.

In 3 to 5 working days, you can expect to receive a soft copy of your child’s medical report, along with our paediatricians’ recommendations, via email. In addition, you may collect the hard copy from the clinic.