Testing for giftedness

Gifted children may appear bored or frustrated by their school curriculum and may require additional learning opportunities to stimulated their curiosity. At times, gifted children may also have uneven learning profiles, with strengths in specific areas, and weaknesses in other areas. For example, a child may display strength in the area of academics, and may be ahead of their peers academically. However, the same child may have social difficulties, and have difficulties connecting with their similarly aged peers.

Standarised testing for giftedness helps parents better understand their child’s profile, so that they can make informed decision when supporting their child’s learning needs. It can be helpful for educational planning, to offer additional insight whether a child would benefit from accelerated learning, or provide a better understanding into a child’s behavior and learning profile.  Just as every child is unique, no two gifted children are exactly alike.

Early identification of bright and gifted learners provides the opportunity for the child to nurture their areas of strengths and get support for their unique learning needs. Early identification is also important when a child is displaying behavioral or social difficulties. At times, these characteristics may be features of giftedness or may be signs of other conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is important for the gifted assessment to be conducted by a trained professional who is able to administer and interpret these assessment, to avoid misdiagnosis. At SBCC Child Development, our team consisting of clinical and educational psychologists are able to conduct these assessments to help parents better understand their gifted child’s unique learning potential.


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