Childhood Immunisations

As parents, we know that childhood immunisations are recommended following the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule. But what do they actually help with do and which vaccines are suitable for our child?

Childhood vaccination

Why Are Childhood Immunisations Important?

Childhood immunisation consist of vaccinations that help protect your child from deadly diseases. This also keeps other children safe by preventing the spread of dangerous diseases from child to child.

What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are made from the same viruses that cause the disease in question. They are modified to be introduced into human bodies in their weakened or dead state. When your child receives a vaccine, his/her immune system gets activated and develops antibodies. These antibodies respond by destroying the infections or germs in the body, providing immunity from deadly diseases.

Can My Child’s Immunisation Be Delayed?

In some cases, childhood immunisation may be delayed. Some of the possible conditions include:

  • If your baby is born prematurely
  • If your baby weighs less than 2 kg
  • If your child has a high fever or is unwell
  • If your child is being treated for cancer (especially for live vaccines)
  • If your child has any disease that weakens the immune system
  • If your child is being assessed for a neurological problem
  • If your child has had a serious reaction to any previous injection
  • If your child has an allergy to eggs (but is no longer a contradiction to giving MMR and Influenza vaccines)

*Do note that the above conditions are not absolute contraindications and you should discuss any concerns with your doctor.

What Kind of Side Effects Do Vaccines Have?

Just like many other vaccinations, your child may experience some side effects 

  • Cry after the injection for a short while.
  • May feel a little sore with slight redness and even a small lump over the injection site. This should all clear within a few days.
  • May develop a fever, crankiness and a slight loss of appetite for about two to three days after the injection.
  • Some parents may be concerned that the MMR vaccines are linked to autism. There is no scientific proof to this misconception and numerous studies done subsequently have debunked this myth. You may consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Types of Child Immunisation

SBCC Childhood Immunisation Packages

SBCC Childhood Immunisation packages cover all your child’s vaccination needs based on Singapore’s National Childhood Immunisation Programme.

Can Baby Bonus Be Used for Childhood Immunisation Programme?

As our SBCC Baby & Child clinics are Baby Bonus approved, your child’s Baby Bonus can be used for their Childhood Immunisations. You may also use $400 from your Medisave account per calendar year for certain vaccinations. Call your nearest SBCC Baby & Child clinic to book an appointment for your child’s vaccination today!