Psychological Assessment & Intervention

We provide assessment and therapeutic services for children with developmental and learning disorders. We also aid parents in nurturing their children. Our team comprises psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, educational therapists, dieticians and early intervention teachers.

Facilitating Child Development

Psychological Assessment/ Intervention (For children aged 2 to 16)

We aim to understand the role of mental functions in children and their social behaviour.
Our psychologists are experienced in providing assessments and interventions in the areas of:

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Dr Tanisha S Vanen has been working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities since 2009, both locally and internationally. Dr. Tanisha has worked across various settings such as outpatient hospitals, community mental health centers, private practices, and an international school.

She specialises in evidence-based behaviour therapy, parent training and consultation, social skills training, functional skill acquisition, developmental and psychological assessments, and group trainings. Dr. Tanisha places added emphasis on coaching parents and caregivers through consultation, individualising practical supports and strategies, and values open communication and collaboration with all members of a child’s team.

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